1) доступ (1. право доступа; возможность доступа 2. способ доступа 3. вчт. обращение (напр. к памяти)) || иметь доступ; использовать доступ; вчт. обращаться (напр. к памяти)
2) любительский (напр. видеофильм)

access to computer — доступ к компьютеру

- authorized access
- carrier-sense multiple access and collision avoidance
- carrier-sense multiple access and collision detection
- carrier-sense multiple access
- channel access
- code division multiple access
- common user access
- computer intelligence access
- conductor-driven access
- current access
- delayed access
- demand assignment multiple access
- dial access
- dialup access
- dial-up access
- die access
- direct access
- direct inward system access
- direct memory access
- failure access
- fast access
- field access
- file access
- fixed wireless access
- foreign file access
- frequency-division multiple access
- illegal access
- immediate access
- index access
- indirect access
- instantaneous access
- key access
- keyed access
- library access
- memory access
- multimedia access access
- multiple access
- non-broadcast multiple access
- open access
- page-oriented access
- parallel access
- preassigned multiple access
- radio access
- random access
- remote access
- restricted access
- satellite-switched multiple access
- semi-random access
- sequential access
- serial access
- shared access
- simultaneous access
- single access
- space-division multiple access
- space-time division multiple access
- spread-spectrum multiple access
- storage access
- time-division multiple access
- time-division multiplex access
- token passing multiple access
- track access
- unauthorized access
- unwanted access
- wideband code-division multiple access
- zero access

The New English-Russian Dictionary of Radio-electronics. . 2005.

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